Our mission at DeviousCurve is to plant the seeds of confidence into each and every one of our clients, and watch as they bloom into happier, healthier, and more beautiful versions of themselves. We are a company made by women, for women. We understand your concerns and want to help you achieve your goals. Just imagine how confident you will feel finally wearing the dress that’s been hanging in the closet forever, and in the pictures with your girlfriends you’ll be taking. Not to mention how surprised you’ll be when you hear your partner notice how sexy you’ve been looking recently! Let us lead the way through your body transformation journey and give you lasting results that you can show off and be proud of! 


The DeviousCurve line provides a non-surgical option for effective fat loss and skin rejuvenation at the most affordable price possible. We cater to every skin type and size to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. Within days you will start to notice your clothes fitting differently, body changes in the mirror, and a lot more compliments from strangers! We think of all of these as small victories along your path to reaching your ideal version of yourself. Dozens of women have already tried our new products and have fallen in love with them. But don’t take their word for it - take your own. The results will amaze you. Come with us on the BodyShaper journey and discover your most beautiful self!