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Wanting to look slimmer while burning extra fat?

SAUNA WAIST TRAINER is the perfect solution for anyone who want to stay fit at the comfort of your home.

Built-in is 9 STEEL BONES, that help support and shape your waist with powerful effects! 

The Devious Curves™ Difference:

Our top of the line waist trainers will help you sweat to eliminate toxins in your body.  Ramps up thermal activity, causing you to sweat more around your belly, sides and back -- exactly where you need it.

It provides you with back support and improved posture to ensure exercises are performed in good form. While, also increasing sweat specifically in the abdominal area to aid in fat loss and remove harmful toxins from your body. 

Accelerate the normal calorie burning process within the body, weight loss, and promote postpartum waist recovery.

Wear it anytime, anywhere to burn that extra bit of fat!

The results are stunning! Our waist trainer is made of high-quality fabric, and 100% Polyester giving it a smooth, comfortable, close-fitting feel that can be worn both inside and outside. 

The workout belt has two wide velcro strap allowing you to comfortably adjust your level of control as you lose weight, allow natural movement during your workouts.


  • Thick and Comfortable 
  • Zipper Front Closure with a Hook at the Top
  • Does not Roll Down during Workout

The benefits are incredible and our customers have had incredible results! Ready to burn fat, keep your body healthy, all with an amazing comfortable fit?


- Supports your back and improves posture

- Promotes an additional increase in sweating when used during exercise

- Supports weight loss

- Assists in the reduction of back pain

Get the SAUNA WAIST TRAINER today and feel the results for yourself!


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